Referral Bonus Programs

  • For each friend that you refer to the system receive a bonus equal to 0.75% of the value for each job that they complete. Invite a friend now.

    The Details

    • The invited friend must join using the link sent via email for you to receive the bonus.
    • Providers earn the same amount for a job regardless of if they have been referred or not.
    • You must have a provider account with banking information set to receive the bonus.
    • The bonus will be paid in the currency of the job.
    • Also earn a bonus for each referral made by your referred friends. The current bonus rates for each level are:
      • 0.75% for level 1
      • 0.50% for level 2
      • 0.25% for level 3
      • 0.20% for level 4
      • 0.15% for level 5
      • 0.15% for level 6
    • Shiny Barnacle reserves the right to retract, limit, modify or cancel the referral program for providers at any time.