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How it works

Search and hire people on Pyngle in three easy steps.


1. Search

Enter your location and the service you require — e.g., cleaning, furniture assembly, or painting — and get a list of professionals in your area. Use various filters to choose people based on the cost, rating, and availability on a specific day.

How it works - Search on Pyngle

2. Hire

Exchange messages with the candidate, ask questions, discuss the details. When ready, hire the selected person in three simple steps.

How it works - Hire on Pyngle

3. Enjoy

The helper arrives on the agreed date and time and completes your job. Enjoy the ease of our automatic payment processing. Go spend your time on the things that matter!

How it works - Enjoy Pyngle


What is Pyngle?

Pyngle is a platform connecting homeowners with local on demand workers that are available to assist you with all sorts of tasks around your home.

Whether you need your home cleaned, your meals cooked, your house painted or your dog walked, at Pyngle we do it all so you can get back to what matters most!

How do I hire people on Pyngle?

Find the person you'd like to hire and simply click Request. You will be asked for some essential details about your order, such as the exact service you require, location, and date/time. After you've entered all the info and agreed on the cost, we send your order to the selected person. After the job is complete, your credit/debit card gets charged the agreed amount and we pay the helper through the system.

Note: for security reasons, no cash payments are allowed.

What is this 1 hour rule?

On Pyngle, online helpers are required to respond to customer messages or job offers within 1 hour.

Remember the time when you tried to book a cleaner or order a painting job you had to call the company and wait on hold, or nobody picked up and you had to leave a message and then hope that someone would get back to you tomorrow?

Well, that time is gone. Welcome to Pyngle, where workers respond fast.

Note: this rule does not apply to helpers that are offline.